Toon Blast Hack (2018) Online Guide For Unlimited Hack

Toon Blast Hack

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Toon Blast: An  Amazing Game

Toon Blast is an online puzzle game where you will blast blocks of the same colour and form them into rockets or bombs while destroying or obtaining what needs to be obtained. You will feel that amazing gaming experience of gameplay just like any puzzle game. Toon Blast is challenging one and you might get frustrated once you go into a difficult level. Each level you need to cross with patience. You have a maximum of 5 lives. If you fail to achieve the goal of the level, you lose a life but if you pass it, then your life is saved.

There is a maximum number of moves that you need to do before it’s game over. You are out of moves and you lose a life if you Fail to finish the goal means  But on the other hand, You can get bonuses if you achieve the goal.

If the players earn a bigger score, the more stars you will earn and thus there will be more chances of opening up the star chest and get boosters or helpers or even coins.

It is a cute looking toon character, colourful visuals & easy to understand gameplay makes it a very appealing game to play. The players need moves to come across each level and complete the goal. Two coloured blocks next to each other can be broken resulting in more falling from the top. Goals vary from having to clear a certain number of colored blocks to break a certain number of crates or popping bubbles later in the game.

The game is all about to try and build up the colored blocks. You can get rocket as a bonus as that will destroy an entire row or column, bombs that blow up everything around them or disco balls that destroy all blocks of the same colour. The tricks and strategies make the game an interesting one to play.

Essentials of the game

Before playing the game we would like to provide best of the information about the essentials of the game. If you want to win the match then you should keep plenty of boosters and special boosters with you. If you have enough patience to earn these boosters you can stay on or if can’t wait to earn then you can use our Toon blast hack tool.

There are two kinds of items in our game, Boosters, and special item boosters!

The boosters are located at the bottom of the level screen.

Boosters include items like Hammer, Boxing Glove, Anvil, Dice.

Special items are located at the Level pop-up menu under the “Select Boosters” text.

Special items include Rocket, Bomb, Disco Ball.

You need to learn more about the boosters and helpers. Just have a look at the following essentials.

  • Hammer – This destroys one of the blocks that you need to destroy. You need this to smash a block with a transparent film or move a block away so that some stuff needs to fall down.
  • Boxing gloves – This punches a whole row of blocks.
  • Anvil – This flattens the whole column of blocks.
  • Dice – The dice use to reshuffles the entire block.
  • Bomb and Rocket – These two are very essential as a combination of these two will result in a big explosion.
  • Bomb – This bombs only the surrounding areas of the bomb – estimated to be 5×5 in the area.


Boosters are extremely important essentials which the players need to clear several pieces at a time in the grid. There are several Boosters accessible in the game that can be used for enhancing your gameplay. To acquire those boosters it is not an easy task. You can procure them once in a while by unlocking Regular Chest or Star Chest, so you need to use them smartly. You can use the Booster when you stuck in the game otherwise start playing the same level again with the hope of completing it in the second time.


The more the number of Lives you acquire, the longer you will be able to play the game! You can join a team only after successfully completing Level 20 and this will be the most secure way to get lives.

The community of Toon Blast is a huge one. You can either join an existing team or create your own. To create a personal team, you will need plenty of Coins. It is advisable that you should join the already existing game which will help you out to save your coins.

Lives can also be acquired by waiting for some time as it regenerates automatically.

How to earn unlimited Coins

The developers Peak Games has brought you the most amazing game Toon Blast which is an interesting puzzle based game apt for all age groups. The game got the attractive cartoony graphics to draw the attention of youngsters. Your main objective in the game is to complete various puzzles by matching pieces on the grid and for that you may need the help of Toon Blast Cheats. If you can’t wait and don’t have enough patience in the game then you can use our Toon blast hack by which you can easily generate unlimited coins. The game will let you sync between multiple devices, whether it is a phone or a tablet, so you can start playing the game without any interruption.

How to Play?
Welcome to the world of Toon Blast! 🙂

Toon Blast is a level based puzzle game, where you need to complete the goals of each level to progress within the game. The game is so amazing and an addictive one. Once you play we sure that you are going to enjoy this amazing gaming experience again and again. You can enjoy more and increase your chances of winning the game by using our Toon blast Hack.
To begin the game you just need to tap two or more cubes of the same color to blast them and help complete the goals.
Then Combine a number of cubes to create powerful special items such as the Rocket, Bomb and Disco Ball to clear all the obstacles and reach the level goal.
You can also combine these special items for bigger combos and blast your way to success!
You have a limited number of moves in the game for each level, so plan each move accordingly.

Easy Tips for Gameplay

  • Focus on to make the combo, more you collect the special blocks you can make the combo.
  • Combine Rocket and Bomb together to get a powerful effect.
  • A Rocket and a Bomb combo is the best solution to wipe out three adjacent columns and rows.
  • A Rocket and a Bomb combo can be used to destroy objective related blocks like bubbles or balloons.
  • Change the date and time on your gaming device to acquire Lives instantly.


The Toon blast is an amazing online interesting puzzle game. You would surely like to play again and again once you start playing. Toon Blast is a fun game with best cartoon graphics that will keep you busy with its numerous challenges. So, join the crazy world of Toon Blast and have a blast! We make sure that you are going to enjoy this amazing gaming experience to the fullest by not letting you wait to get unlimited coins with the help of our Toon Blast hack.